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Cefazolin, CZ-30, HardyDisks™ AST, for susceptibility testing, 5 x 50 disks, by Hardy Diagnostics, freeze on arrival

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"HardyDisk™ AST’s are impregnated paper disks used for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST); also known as disk diffusion or Kirby-Bauer testing. Each cartridge contains 50 disks that are spring loaded for smooth and reliable dispensing. The HardyDisk™ AST cartridges are designed to be fully compatible with the BBL single or multiple disk dispensers as listed below.

DISK DISPENSERS Dispenser, single disk, metal, #260457 Dispenser, 6-place, self-tamping, #260661 Dispenser, 8-place, self-tamping, #260660 Dispenser, 12-place, self-tamping, #260640 MEDIA FOR AST HTM Agar Plate, 100mm, #G33 HTM Agar Plate, 150mm, #H07 Mueller Hinton Agar Plate, 100mm plate, #G45 Mueller Hinton Agar Plate, 150mm plate, #H11 Mueller Hinton Agar with Blood Plate, 100mm plate, #A59 Mueller Hinton Agar with Blood Plate, 150mm plate, #H21 Mueller Hinton Broth, 5ml, 16x100mm tube, #K91 OTHER SUPPLIES FOR AST Calipers for measuring zones, digital readout, comes with battery and NIST traceable certificate, #62379531 Container, holds HardyDisk™ packages for refrigerator storage, 12""x 6""x 4.5"" tall, with lid, #1774 DesiView, desiccant for dispensers and refrigerator boxes with color indicator crystals, 5gm, 10 packets per box, #DV10 McFarland, #0.5 equivalent, turbidity standard, in a 16x100mm glass tube, latex, #ML05 Swabs, sterile, individually wrapped, dacron, 100 per pkg, #HD25806 Vortex II Mixer, Super, Labline, #M37615 Wickerham Card for turbidity reading, 2x3 inches, black stripes, #Z08 Zone size interpreter, clear template with decals, #260639"