POXYGRID® 1/2 SIZE TESTTUBE RACK 10-13MM - Bel Art - F187881300

187881300 POXYGRID® 1/2 SIZE TESTTUBE RACK 10-13MM GREEN " color: Green length x width x hei: 113 x 107 x 64mm (4 5/16 x 41/16 x 27/16"") places: 36 rows: 6 x 6 tube sizes: 10-13mm

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The durable and smooth coating is impervious to organic solvents, salts, weak acids and weak alkalis. Available in orange, green and blue. Per each The Poxygrid® ""Half-Size"" is an ideal space-saver, perfect for use in water baths, under fume hoods, and other limited space locations.

Available to hold 10-13 or 15-16 or 18-20mm diameter tubes.

Epoxy coated steel wire racks are chemical and corrosion resistant

Withstands temperatures ranging from -223C (-369F) to autoclaving at 121C (250F) and can be autoclaved.